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About Tres Amigos Chiminea 

(Due to the fragile nature of these items, they are only available for in-store purchase only)

Tres Amigos Chimineas, or Mexican Fireplaces, are the easiest way to add some color and life to your backyard patio. Perfect for any cool spring or fall evenings here in Arizona, these exciting backyard features will provide years of enjoyment. Made from high quality clay by gifted potters in Mexico and shipped directly to our door in Tucson, AZ. Wholesale orders are possible so just reach out and ask.

Please read below for pointers that will help prepare your Chiminea or Mexcan Fireplace for use and help to ensure a long life.

    •  Sealing the outside of your chiminea, or Mexican fireplace, will increase its’ longevity. Any pottery sealer will work. Check with your local hardware store for recommended brands in your area.
    • Prior to using your Mexican Fireplace, place it on a non-flamable and stable surface. Elevating your chiminea using a chininea stand is highly recommended. This helps to prevent damage to the ground surface from heat and extreme temperature differences. This also prevents ground moisture from damaging the chiminea during periods of non-use.
    •  Insert all-purpose sand, pea gravel or lava rocks in the bottom bowl of the Mexican Fireplace. Approximately 1-2 inches of coverage is all that is needed. Periodic cleaning or changing of this material is strongly recommended. Do not allow water to sit or collect in the bowl for long periods of time because this can cause the clay to rot and become brittle.
    • If being used on a wood deck, you should put a fire retardant pad underneath and use a spark arrestor on the top opening.
    • Start Slowly: 2-3 small fires of a few pieces of kindling and/or small chunks of wood are necessary as they “cure” the pottery for longer term use. Allow fires to completely burn down on their own. Never put the fire out with water or other liquids as the sudden change in temperature will cause cracking and could present a safety hazard. Allowing the Mexican Fireplace to cool on its own will prepare the clay for frequent use. Following these steps each season after the chiminea has been sitting idle for long periods of time will help to ensure a long life.
    • Fires with large flames could cause cracking. Large scale, roaring fires are never recommended as they will greatly reduce the life of the clay and present obvious safety hazards.
    • Chimineas, or Mexican Fireplaces, will get very hot when in use. Do not leave the fires unattended. Keep children and pets away during use.
    • These chimineas are designed for OUTDOOR use only. They can be used indoors for decoration. Never light a fire inside an enclosed space.
    • Never put the fires out with water!
    • Covering your chiminea during extreme temperature changes will help prevent the clay from cracking.

About Tres Amigos Chimineas: