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Equipal (pigskin) Furniture Care:

Equipal furniture is stretched and cured, pigskin leather. With proper care and conditioning it will last for many years. To maximize the life of your Equipal furniture, it is best placed in-doors. If used outdoors, our Equipale furniture should be placed in a covered area, protected from direct sunlight, moisture and extreme weather. Remember, this is real leather and should be treated accordingly. Below, we have some basic care guidelines suggested by the designer.

Basic care

  • Light dusting can be done with a lightly dampened cloth. Follow with dry cloth.
  • To clean and condition leather – Saddle Soap and/or Neatsfoot oil as needed. Once every 6 months as minimum.
  • To clean and condition wood – use Linseed oil. Once every 6 months as minimum
  • Do not use strong chemical cleaners on the leather products - this will cause harm! 
  • Most products, including those listed above will temporarily darken the leather.
  • All products should be tested in a small area prior to being applied to entire product.
What to avoid if you own Equipal furniture
  • Direct Sunlight – this will damage and bleach leather.
  • Extreme weather conditions – these are natural products. They are subject to cracking, warping and tearing. These conditions are greatly increased by sever weather conditions such high heat, excessive moisture and extreme cold.

Product clarification:


Neatsfoot Oil is a natural preservative for leather articles subjected to rugged use and outdoor exposure. Since the primary function of a Neatsfoot oil is to replace the evaporated oils in leather, replacing the oils with other natural animal oils is best. Product has been used by saddle makers for over a century.


Saddle soap is a preparatory compound containing mild soap and softening ingredients such as Neatsfoot oil, glycerin, and lanolin. It also contains beeswax to protect leather. It is used for cleaning, conditioning and softening leather, particularly that of saddles and other horse tack.