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New Year Sale 2

San Miguel – Tuscan Beauty

Indian Rosewood Furniture collection. Using solid planks of natural wood, each craftsman carefully builds and shapes each piece of furniture inspired by Old World Designs. Solid Wood furniture is hand made and finished by hand. Each piece of wood has different natural grains showing through ensuring each piece accentuates natrual beauty. Solid Wood Planks of wood provide a sturdy performance while displaying a fot look and feel to your home design style. Interior decorators from across the country won't tell you about this secret. You have just discovered true Old World craftsmanship and classic furniture designs in one incredible furniture line. EVERY piece is 100% solid hardwood. Sheeshum Wood Furniture is unique and never duplicated. EVERY piece is carved by hand and assembled by hand. EVERY piece of iron cabinet hardware and iron accent hardware is hand forged and massive. These designs are exclusive to Tres Amigos Furniture and Home Decor. Please understand that these are not rolling off a big assembly line. While we try to maintain a good stock of inventory, you might need to be a little patient while your piece is handcrafted. We promise…totally worth it. Also – these pieces are heavy, real heavy. We suggest that you start to prepare the movers and/or some friends for some heavy lifting. Enjoy – you are going to be so happy!