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About Tres Amigos Tuscan Furniture Style:

Tres Amigos Tuscan Furniture production pieces, many One-of-a-Kind and Old World Furniture pieces along with select Western Furniture pieces can be made from a few different Indian Hardwoods. Please read on to learn more about the hard woods used in our furniture design lines.

One-of-a-Kind Furniture, Old World Furniture and Farmhouse Style furniture pieces are a combination of old parts and new Mango Wood. Others are completely old pieces which have been repaired, modified, and restored to bring them to use

Decorative doors, old wooden entry doors, carved wooden pillars, old wooden window frames, decorative wooden frames, carved trims, salvage pieces, etc., which constitute of the main look of the piece, are mainly made from Teak wood. Though the wood may differ from piece to piece, many have been made from Rosewood, Sheesham, Pumpkin Wood or Acacia/Babool/Kikar Wood (all three names are for the same wood.)  It’s hard to know for sure.

Cleaning and Care Instructions:

The furniture listed above should not be washed or cleaned with a wet cloth. Sparingly, a damp cloth can be used to clean tabletops and other wooden surfaces. Waxing the furniture with readily available waxes such as Briwax is advisable occasionally.

Guardsman Furniture Touch-up markers are also helpful for surface scratches and minor scuffs or scratches in the finish.Alcohol or other paint thinners/removers should NEVER be brought in contact with the furniture as these products will ruin the finish.

Additional Furniture Care and Brand Information:

Tres Amigos Furniture is made from 100% solid wood it should be kept away from direct sunlight. Solid Wood furniture should also be kept away from sources of heat or extreme cold, such as air conditioners, heaters and swamp r evaporative coolers. Most of our furniture is mainly for indoor use and should be used as such. However, clients have used pieces in an outdoor application and appreciate the natural weathering that can come from aging the wood with the help of the elements.

Dramatic, Bold, Striking, Appealing and Wow are all words used to describe the natural grain patterns found in the heartwood of our Furniture Designs. Each piece is slightly unique and no two are alike. Minor imperfections, due to the handcrafted nature of our products, offer our customers elegant charm and add a distinct eye pleasing characteristics to each piece of furniture. Slight warping, cracking and color variations are inherent to the products and are not considered defects. Remember, it's solid wood and it will behave as such. Call us for more details and fun stories from our customers.